Buena Vista Foods

Buena Vista takes pride in developing products that are all natural to help support a healthy lifestyle for all students all across the country.

Buena Vista Foods manufactures great tasting and better-for-you baked goods to school districts nationwide. Today, that means fewer, simpler ingredients and “cleaner” labels because healthy and delicious are what school nutrition specialists and students demand.

Buena Vista Foods provides a wide variety of delicious baked goods that exceed U.S.D.A. nutrition standards for men parts Breakfast, Lunch, Smart Snacks and Supper in their nut-free facility.

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Buena Vista Foods
823 W. 8th Street
Azusa, CA 91702
(626) 815-8859


Top Products from Buena Vista Foods Made with Ultragrain®

WG Brookee, 1.5 oz, IW
WG Candy Cookie, 1.5 oz, IW
WG Nacho Pretzel Pocket, 5.5 oz, BULK
WG Nacho Pretzel Pocket, 5.5 oz, IW
WG RF “No Mess” Chocolate Candy Cookie Dough, 1.5 oz