Conagra Foodservice

Taste and appearance rule with consumers. That’s why Conagra Foodservice has never stop innovating their line of pizzas and handheld products.

Now, their pizza comes with a new crust that delivers a fresh out-of-the-oven aroma and taste, a delicious cheese blend with a creamy flavor, and an improved appearance that says authentic pizzeria.

Taste the difference for yourself! Just one bite and you’ll agree, everyone deserves The Max!


Top Products from Conagra Foodservice Made with Ultragrain®

4x6 Pizza
Slice of cheese pizza served with green beans
Breakfast Boats
Egg, turkey, bacon, and cheese breakfast boat served with orange slices
Breakfast Pizzazz Pizza
A slice of sausage breakfast pizza served with strawberries
DoubleStuff Pizza
Double Stuff Diced Turkey Pepperoni 100% Mozzarella Pizza served with mixed veggies
Lunch aRound 5” Pizza
Circular pepperoni pizza served with a slice of fruit
Triangles with layers of whole grain quesadilla stuffed with cheeses
A cheese-stuffed breadstick
A soft whole grain tortilla filled with chili and melted cheeses
Pizza Quesadilla
A pizza quesadilla served with salsa
Real Slice Pizza
Slice of whole grain pizza topped with Italian herb sauce
Stuffed Crust Pizza
Pizza with a cheese filled crust
Twisted Stix
A cinnamon breakfast stick with a serving of blueberries