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Flowers Bakeries Foodservice is passionate about delivering exactly what your students crave. Whether appealing to the simple preferences of Gen A or meeting the on-trend cravings of Gen Z, Flowers Bakeries Foodservice has the variety you need to satisfy your elementary and high school students.

Count on Flowers Bakeries Foodservice to provide you with insights, culinary inspiration and bread solutions for all of your meal and snack opportunities, from breakfast, to lunch, to grab-and-go. Through an ongoing commitment to being K-12’s leading bread expert, Flowers Bakeries Foodservice promises to be the only bread partner you’ll ever need.

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Flowers Bakeries Foodservice
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Top Products from Flowers Bakeries Foodservice Made with Ultragrain®

B4S 2.5” WG Hamburger Bun, Sliced
Cheeseburger sliders served with tater tots
B4S 3.5” WG Hamburger Bun, Sliced
Hamburger bun made with whole grains, sliced in half
B4S 4” WG Hamburger Bun, Sliced
A cheeseburger served with green beans and oranges
B4S 5” WG Hoagie, Sliced
A hoagie with a whole grain bun served on a lunch tray
B4S 5” WG Hoagie, Hinge Sliced
A hoagie sandwich served with two strawberries
B4S 6” WG Hog Dog Bun, Sliced
An italian hoagie with lettuce and cheese
B4S 6” WG Hoagie, Sliced
A hotdog topped with mustard, served with sides of apples and chips
B4S WG Dinner Roll
An unsliced dinner roll on a whit background