Tyson Foods, Inc.

The world needs more of you. Keeping students well fed and prepared to learn comes with daily challenges. Facing increasing regulations, fixed budgets, staffing shortages and community perceptions can make your mission feel like a very thankless cause.

Your mission is a noble one.

And Tyson Foods wants to help because your mission is their mission, too.

Making a difference in the community and in the lives of the students is what inspires you every day. And like you, Tyson Foods would like to see a healthy future for our students. Tyson Foods is continuously developing more dedicated resources to make sure K-12 food programs like yours gets the help and support needed to help make your mission a reality. #servingyourmission #feedingthefuture #tysonk12

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Tyson Foods, Inc.
Springdale, AR 72762
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Distributor List:
GFS, Gold Star, Labatt, Sysco, US Foods


Top Products from Tyson Foods, Inc. Made with Ultragrain®

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bites
Small pieces of pancake stuffed with sausage
Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sticks
A pancake rolled around sausage on a stick served with eggs
State Fair Corn Dogs
State Fair Tortillas
Tyson Bites
Breaded chicken sausage bites
Tyson Bone-In Chicken
Bone-in chicken breaded with Ultragrain flour
Tyson Boneless Chicken Wings
Small boneless chicken wings next to a ramekin of dipping sauce
Tyson Chicken Chunks
Small chunks of chicken breaded with Ultragrain flour
Tyson Chicken Drumsticks
Chicken drumsticks, fried and breaded with Ultragrain flour
Tyson Chicken Filets
A chicken sandwich, breaded with Ultragrain(F) flour, with lettuce and tomato
Tyson Chicken Fries
Thin chicken strips served with ketchup and mustard for dipping
Tyson Chicken Nuggets
Five chicken nuggets, fried and made with Ultragrain flour
Tyson Chicken Patties
A breaded chicken sandwich, served with orange slices, grapes, and a drink
Tyson Chicken Tenders
Four chicken tenders breaded with Ultragrain flour with BBQ dipping sauce
Tyson Crispy Rings
Crispy chicken rings served with fries, milk, and fruit
Tyson Popcorn Chicken
Bite-sized pieces of chicken, breaded and made with Ultragrain flour