Ultragrain® Flour Makes Good-For-You… Taste Good

Pizzas. Pancakes. Pasta.

Most people love eating these… as long as they’re made with white flour.

But now everyone can eat their favorite foods with whole grain. Ultragrain® flour is the only patented source of whole-grains that has the taste, texture and appearance of white flour.

That’s because Ardent Mills partners with farmers who grow a select variety of white wheat that’s sweeter than traditional whole wheat. And Ardent Mills' exclusive milling process ensures each kernel is granulated as finely as possible – bran, germ and all – while retaining the whole nutrition found in whole wheat.

A growing number of schools, bakeries and food companies use Ultragrain® flour as a go-to for their recipes. And once you sample foods made with Ultragrain®, you’ll taste why…


Whole grain muffins
Ultragrain All Purpose Blend T-2

Want to exceed your school’s nutritional guidelines? Make the transition to higher levels of whole grain nutrition easier with a distinctive blend of 55% Ultragrain and 45% premium enriched flour.

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Ultragrain Hard Whole Wheat

It’s ideal for everything from breads and tortillas to pizza, pasta and more.

This 100% whole wheat flour is uniquely milled from specially selected white wheat varieties that are milder, sweeter and lighter in color than red whole wheat.

Ultragrain Soft Whole Wheat

Optimized with lower protein for soft wheat applications, this 100% whole wheat flour delivers whole grain nutrition with the taste, texture and appearance of traditional white flour. Awaken taste buds by with healthier biscuits, cookies, cakes, crackers, muffins and more.

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