How We Make White Wheat Ultra-Healthy

Our wheat starts like all the rest: In a field.

A chart outlining the advantages of Ultragrain flour

And that’s where the similarities end.

Our flour is grown by family farms who place a priority on quality. Our flour comes from exclusive white wheat varieties that taste sweeter and milder than standard red – even white – whole wheat.

And our patented process grinds the entire kernel – bran, germ, and all – ending in the same consistency and fine granulation of white flour.

Only our method keeps 100% of the whole grain nutrition, retaining naturally occurring fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

No other flour can give your students the best taste with better nutrition,  because no other flour is Ultragrain®.

Want to see the Kalcevic farm growing Ultragrain® white whole wheat? Visit the Ardent Mills YouTube channel.