Studies Prove Students Prefer Ultragrain® Flour

Seeing is believing. So is tasting.

And Ultragrain earns high marks for great taste according to scientific research.

A thin crust pizza made with Ultragrain flour

The University of Minnesota joined with a popular regional restaurant chain. Children were served one of their favorite foods: Pizza. Some was made with 55% Ultragrain whole wheat flour. Some was made with white flour.

The study shows students actually ate more whole grain-rich pizza than the white flour variety in a restaurant setting.

Source: Tritt, Aimee Marie. (2014) Whole grain kids acceptability of whole grain pizza crust among children in a restaurant setting. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy. Read Full Story

Tacos made with whole grain tortillas

In another conducted by UM, elementary school students sampled a range of foods made with 51% Ultragrain and compared them to fajitas, breadsticks, and other traditional favorites made with white flour.

The result? You guessed it: Students ate just as much, or more, Ultragrain items than the white-flour equivalents.

Source: Chan, et al., J Child Nutrition Management, 2008

Give your students something they’ll actually eat – and help them eat well – with Ultragrain.

Order a sample and taste for yourself.